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      Hello and Welcome to the Coaches On Fire Academy.  I'm honored to have you here and look forward to getting to know you better and serving you on your journey. This is a community of passionate coaches all looking to increase their impact and income.  The opportunity you have to build relationships with your peers here is priceless.  So please take a moment to reach out and say hi to other as well. Now let's get busy and light up the world!

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  1. Hi Pam, I've been reflecting on your feedback. Thanks for being my Napoleon Hill !!  I think i have found some more clarity.

    When you....

    Identify Core Values- When you identify your core values you realize what’s most important to you.

    Balance- What keeps you motivated, supported and focused in your life?

    Clarity- When you have real clarity, goal achievement comes as a natural result

    Success- To be successful you have to define what success means to you

    Meditation- That inner time on a regular basis creates a resilience within that supports in a thriving life.

    Finding Bliss- Develop a higher order of thinking by focusing  on what fuels you with Love, Joy and Peace and lifts up others.

    When you do these things in your life, you step into the space of living a life by design rather than default. You become  awake and aware and align with your purpose or dream.


    How's this shaping up? 

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    2. Karen Nestor

      Karen Nestor

      Where to next? These are my how's  Right? 

      A little coaching on my what ?

      Have a great week end

    3. Pamela Sterling

      Pamela Sterling

      Your WHAT is really just what you offer - eg 1:1 and group coaching.  So i would move onto clarity about your client's point A and point B and work on the first draft of your signature client transformation system and your self assessment model.  Have you checked out the Ready to Ignite success roadmap?  If not, that will give you clear steps to follow.  you can find that here - http://coachesonfireacademy.com/ready-to-ignite-roadmap/

    4. Karen Nestor

      Karen Nestor

      Hi @Pam,

      I've been having a lot of mind swirling going on around my self assessment model. Ive checked out the link and Im still not getting inner clarity on how this is shaping up. Do you have time to talk with me so I can push through this and get on with my purpose? Also I wanted to know what program you used with the sticky notes. Thanks



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