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      Hello and Welcome to the Coaches On Fire Academy.  I'm honored to have you here and look forward to getting to know you better and serving you on your journey. This is a community of passionate coaches all looking to increase their impact and income.  The opportunity you have to build relationships with your peers here is priceless.  So please take a moment to reach out and say hi to other as well. Now let's get busy and light up the world!

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  1. until

    For some reason I thought it was tomorrow at 1pm...
  2. hey @Pam Sterling, I was wondering how I can update my credit card info...I had some fraudulent activity on my cc and had to cancel it, so I wanted to update the number, just not sure where I do that :)

    1. Pamela Sterling

      Pamela Sterling

      Hey Michelle.  Oh no.  Sorry to hear that.  I will send you an email with a form to update your card.  It will probably come from 'SamCart'.  P.

  3. Hi Michele,   Congrats on your webinar.....I am planning on relaunching mine next week....so let's hold hands and jump off the cliff together!    How did you create a banner for your page in this site?   I am still groping my way around far too much here.    Cheers and well done for every baby step you take.  



  4. Hey @Pam Sterling, when i am on the webinar giving the payment information. How do I know who signed up for the program (assuming someone will sign up)...If they go to the payment screen on my website, which leads to a paypal button, how can I keep track of who signed up?

  5. until

    I wish I could come this week...I am going to be at The Jimmy Kimmel Show I will listen to the replay!!
  6. until

    Hi @Pam Sterling, I would love to be in the HOT SEAT this Thursday! I need some help with Copy for my new website and what I need to make it pop and reflect my purpose and level of service! Can you help me with that?? Thank you! Michelle
  7. Love your Facebook page, Michelle! 

    Happy to be on the journey with you. Just keep saying "Up until now"! :) Keeps us moving along. 

    All the best!