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      Hello and Welcome to the Coaches On Fire Academy.  I'm honored to have you here and look forward to getting to know you better and serving you on your journey. This is a community of passionate coaches all looking to increase their impact and income.  The opportunity you have to build relationships with your peers here is priceless.  So please take a moment to reach out and say hi to other as well. Now let's get busy and light up the world!

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  1. until

    Will go a great start to arriving back in Colorado!
  2. Sandra,  Sorry I have been gone for a couple of weeks on a road trip.   I just saw your message.    I am lucky that John (hubby) sits on the Webinar and will give me little scribbled notes all along the way.   I agree with what Pam said....dont look at the comments until certain times.... then if there are no responses - which happens, then you MSU "make stuff up"!!    I will just get creative as if the people are communicating....which sometimes they are and sometimes they are not.    No matter what happens, keeping the energy high is the challenge.    Also, I have discovered that telling more stories....stories that connect, that fit the picture are critical.   

    1. Sandra


      Hi @Doreen M. Cumberford welcome back! I enjoyed your FB holiday pics, especially the moose on the road :D

      Thanks for all of your great tips, MSU...brilliant!! I will keep that in mind. And it certainly is a challenge to keep the energy high and get them in the YES YES YES mood. Guess it's a matter of 'rehearsing' a lot to get really good at this. I should make it evergreen!

      Ok thanks again, I appreciate your insights!

  3. Hey Pam,  I hope you got over the flu quickly...if not see my recipe for hot toddy!   I will resend it if necessary because its clearly the best solution :)

    I wanted to run this buy you:   been thinking about the A and the B ....over and over and over, I have come up with this.    how about 

    FROM (A)   SUFFERING       TO (B)       SUMMITTING

    I just spent a week at altitude in Breckenridge, and I do believe that altitude helps get a differing perspective on life.    Many returnees are suffering, or will suffer and some have no clue what's ahead, and it is a mountain to climb.....I like that they rhyme also.

    Also, I am thinking about a FB ad for my FB group....but we don't want to run it simultanesouly because we want the FB ads for the Webinars to initialize and gain traction, so to run them simultaneously seems to put confusion in the mis.

    I am thinking about using a picture of people on a Roller Coaster as another ad for either the Webinar or FB group with something like -  On Reentry Rollercoaster?  then inviting with benefits to smooth out the ride.  

  4. Pam, Here is the Webinar Slidedeck for tomorrow.   I think we will expand and retweak it two more slides later....but more than half the slides are updated.



  5. Pam,  We advertised in FB for the Webinar.   We had one click for $13.00

    We put it in front of International Women's Groups, Huff Post, Wall Street Journal, expats in Singapore, Hong Kong, Saudi Arabia, Netherlands etc. all the hot spots for our people.      Nada

    I posted it on 3 expat FB groups (other than my own) and got 2 sign ups for last night and 3 for next Saturday.    I want through the entire Webinar really fast about 40 minutes because no-one showed up.   For some reason it didnt record - still learning WebinarJam.    We have another Webinar on Saturday, since FB ads don't seem to be working should I put it out to my "old lists" trawling for people who might be in Transition?

    I also have tweaked the Webinar a LOT.    Moved from Debriefing, Debugging etc.   to Articulation/Anticipation/Activation/Acceleration/Celebration AND still using the verbage to debrief and debug etc.   

    Sitting in the question of "what else could I do" to drive, invite or cajole people to the Webinar....cause it's getting really, really Good :)

    Thanks for signing up and checking the links.    We think they were working but since no-one came we don't know for sure.    Onwards.....

    1. Pamela Sterling

      Pamela Sterling

      @Doreen M. Cumberford and @John Palmer I'd like to do a soup to nuts 'audit' of your whole webinar registration process, emails, webinar, ads, etc.  I'm getting ready for a webinar tomorrow, but would be able to look at this on Friday/Saturday.  To do this audit, i'd need you to gather together the needed info (which I will outline for you) - are you up for that?  I want to get this engine working for you.

    2. Doreen M. Cumberford

      Doreen M. Cumberford

      Thanks for this very generous offer.    We will start assembling the data.   We are recording another Webinar at 10:00 on Saturday a.m.    I am only sending to my list and putting on Expat FB pages that permit this.      

  6. Hi Michele,   Congrats on your webinar.....I am planning on relaunching mine next week....so let's hold hands and jump off the cliff together!    How did you create a banner for your page in this site?   I am still groping my way around far too much here.    Cheers and well done for every baby step you take.  



  7. until

    i will be there.
  8. I have just re-written my program offerings....one group coaching program, the six month Voyager program offered in the Webinar and the year-long program.   I know it needs some tweaking would you mind looking at it...thing is I don't know where to put it so am inserting it here  Thanks so much.

    Coaching Program Description.docx

    1. Pamela Sterling

      Pamela Sterling

      Hi @Doreen M. Cumberford.  Could you please post this in your Framework thread and I'll give you feedback there.  Thanks.

  9. Sandra am now in Amsterdam staying at Volkeshotel....meetings at Basel Amsterdam.   Breakfast on Saturday still possible for me....sorry I can't find your note with your e-mail   aaahhhh....

    1. Sandra


      Hi Doreen, I sent you a pm (the envelope on top of this page :D

    2. Sandra


      Good choice, Volkshotel is very trendy! Breakfast would be awesome.

  10. @Pam Sterling

    We are planning on another Webinar next week sometime, this week is pretty consumed by other plans already.    

  11. Pam,   We are planning on launching the FB group soon, I want to build up two or three weeks worth of postings to put on there so it seems like we have lots of content!!    A couple of times we have covered the BSO situation of wandering into territory that is not re-entry for expats.    I get that the courses the website, courses etc. should be deeply niched and only focus on the re-entry.    However, our tribe that is currently overseas will one day be returning to the US and may perhaps appreciate our support.   I thought the FB group would be directed towards them....is this more BSO (bright shiny object syndrome?)    Since the expats as far as I can see don't seem to have any inspirational FB sites I was thinking that we would be directing the material to ALL expats.  Please could you clear this up for me please.

  12. @Pam Sterling      Pam,   I am wondering if you could give us feedback regarding the Facebook ads, Thank You Video process etc.    We have two people registered for tomorrow's Webinar....I would love some more if there is a way we can re-tweak.   Also, we have an opportunity to attend a conference Global Families in Transition - all the big players in the international relocation business will be there.    What do you think about us getting Expat Hub Business cards printed plus a little brochure that describes the Expat Repat process.    Only one of us will get to Amsterdam, because we are tasked with taking care of this big house in Scotland and two dogs for three weeks.... another adventure.    Any feedback appreciated.   Thanks 

  13. We put on a new FB ad last night, four clicks and one came through system - but didnt sign up.    I have resent it out to all my list again.   I had a few people who wanted to hear the replay, I will record tomorrows and send.

  14. Hey Pam,   


    Well guess what?    I misread the GoToWebinar readings....turns out we had 5 people in our webinar - one really good friend from Saudi was on and she is willing to give me feedback....not my greatest moment to be audited!     We are running the next Webinar tomorrow, Saturday at noon MST, then again on Tuesday at 4:00 p.m. our time.    

    Mary, John and I (and I would include John W) would love to have a conversation with you to discuss placement of ads on FB.    We took a slightly differing trajectory with Expat Women with several hundred thousand women on there!!       We are changing a few slides, improving the ending and just generally tweaking in preparation.    

    I get the feeling that the 10 Commandments are "light in content" and I am feeling like I want to embolden it, repurpose it to offer "more value".   I would really appreciate your thoughts.   




  15. until

    I meant photographs that are not landscape - horizontal....you know, tall photographs. You used one of Christy on the hot seat with the banner through it...and Mary and I think that we could occasionally do that. The pics can bring shock value and sometimes that might work....UUN (up until now) I was ruling out all photographs that were vertical.