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  1. Hi @Pam Sterling,

    I want move towards finalizing my campaign setup and need you experience to determine what I need to work on and what I need to just let go of.  

    Stats:  New Campaign with focus on men (using best image) and Women with Image for women.  Selected text with best results over the last 2 weeks.

    Combined old and new campaign - Results: 27 Opt-ins, 18 Open Email with download (including follow up if not opened) and 8 click link for download.  Video - 2 people watched complete video. 1 Strategy Session.

    Should I put two buttons on the Thank you page - One to download the document and other for Strategy Session in case they view complete video?  I not sure how I will know if they hit the download link?  But at least they had the opportunity.  I can also send the thank you email with the links as well.  The initial email read rate is 11/18 for 61%.  Of the people that open the email the download of the Manager Guide is 8/18 for 44%.

    I now have the following:

    Email #1 - Ack and download

    Email #2 - If they do not open email 1 as a reminder to just in case they missed it.

    Email #3 - Opportunity email

    Email #3a - Slight Variation sent if they did not read email #3 .. giving them another opportunity while it is different slightly.

    Email #4 - Problem - Not having a plan

    Email #5 - Not yet written

    Email #6 - Ask for Feedback.  

    All this can be predicated on whether they open emails or not.  

    I just would like to bring this initial phase to a close and then determine the next step.  

    I noticed that some people may not have received my thank you page fast enough based on Wistia status. So I spent a few hours optimizing my website to have response time within 4 seconds or less.  

    Your advise is very much needed.  Thanks.