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      Hello and Welcome to the Coaches On Fire Academy.  I'm honored to have you here and look forward to getting to know you better and serving you on your journey. This is a community of passionate coaches all looking to increase their impact and income.  The opportunity you have to build relationships with your peers here is priceless.  So please take a moment to reach out and say hi to other as well. Now let's get busy and light up the world!

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    I initially posted about how to create a sample FB ad for my lead magnet but then saw a training module on in COFA that I hadn't seen before on this so will plan to take a look at that first unless you want to take time to help me on the call. I am also curious as to whether I should do more to promote my FB group and FB page beyond what I have already done so far and interested to see if you have any thoughts on that. I am happy to take a hot seat on any of these topics!
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    Hi Pam, I would like help clarifying next steps on how to focus my efforts in developing and growing my coaching business. I am following the ready to ignite roadmap but having trouble figuring out how other things fit into the road map (i.e. creating a website and FB page, finalizing foundational documents and getting them in a format to put on my website, attending networking events, signing up for speaking events, creating content of value and interest to FB group, scheduling strategy sessions with potential clients, etc.). I could really use some guidance and direction to clarify what is most important in terms of focusing time and resources on at this stage in my business. Thanks! Katharine